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25 Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments that look like they’re from the Future

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The Thorn Birds, Qianlong Emperor’s Arrow-2, (2013)

By Milo Manara

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Love is all a matter of timing…

Tony Leung Ciu Wai and Maggie Cheung - In The Mood For Love

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Jane Fonda


Torre de Belém, Lisboa

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Ida Lupino

It was a bad day in the game reserve. It was very overcast and it rained for most of the morning. We drove around, taking in the nature and wildlife, not expecting to get any good shots, but later the clouds thinned and allowed a little light through. 
It is funny how you take some of your favourite photos when you least expect it. The cloudy weather filtered the light, softening it at a time when it would normally be too harsh to photograph. I also like the clouds in the background forming what looks almost like a white, studio backdrop.
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 kari cieszkiewicz

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Let’s Talk About Movies:

PSYCHO (1960)
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Motifs are generally so unobtrusive in a film that they can pass unnoticed even after repeated viewings. In Psycho, for example, Hitchcock employed the “doubles” motif with great density. The 2 pairs of leading actors (Janet Leigh/Vera Miles and Anthony Perkins/John Gavin) were cast according to physical resemblances, which suggest psychological similarities. Many of the scenes feature mirrors, which reinforce the doubles motif, as well as suggesting themes of reality versus illusion, truth versus deception, and conscious behavior versus impulse.

Giannetti, Louis D. Understanding Movies second edition. New Jersey, 1976.

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The SmithsMoles Club, UK, September 16, 1983 by Martin Whitehead


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